Switch Access

Safe Care Technologies have a wide range of adaptive and assistive switches that will open up access to communication devices, environmental controls, computer software and mobile devices.

Button Switches

Adaptive/ button switches allow people with movement-limiting disabilities or with special needs to activate assistive technology devices in their environment – providing solutions to perform everyday communication, tasks and activities.

  • The Big Red switch provides a large 5-in/12.7-cm activation surface that activates with 5.5-oz/156-g of force

    Big Red Twist Switch

  • buddy button

    Buddy Button

  • JELLY BEAN TWIST Low profile, mountable switch Low profile circular switch on mounting plate for wheelchair tray or tabletop. Responsive across the entire surface. Comes with red, blue, yellow and green switch tops.

    Jelly Bean

  • Pillow Switch Ablenet

    Pillow Switch

  • talking-tiles- Safe Care technologie

    Talking Tiles

  • CANDY CORN PROXIMITY SENSOR SWITCH. This Proximity Sensor Switch is highly sensitive and requires zero pressure to activate. Mounting arm and plate sold separately.

    Candy Corn Proximity Sensor Switch

  • PIKO BUTTONS An extremely durable, popular small button switch. Available in two sizes and colour options.

    Piko Buttons

  • SMOOTHIE SWITCH A smooth, low profile switch. Available in 2 sizes and blue and red colours

    Smoothie Switch

  • SPECS SWITCH A wired switch featuring a small activation surface that provides an auditory click and tactile feedback.

    Specs Switch

  • Hook+ 3rd gen

    Hook+ 3rd Gen

  • USB SWITCH INTERFACE 2. This switch adapter allows connecting up to two switches to a computer USB port and uses them with different specific applications that offer scanning access.

    USB Switch interface 2

  • PAL PAD SWITCHES. Pal Pads are flat switches, approximately 3mm thick, yet are very rigid and durable. Mini, small and large models available, in a range of colours.

    Pal Pad Switches

  • USB SWITCH Low profile 75mm switch with a built-in USB interface

    USB Switch

  • MINI CUP SWITCH features a 1-in/2.5-cm activation surface that provides auditory click and tactile feedback and requires 4.2-oz/130-g of force to activate.

    Mini Cup Switch

  • MICRO LIGHT SWITCH A very light touch switch for those who have limited movement. Activated by pressing down on the top surface with a feather-light touch.

    Micro Light Switch

  • WOBBLE SWITCH The 4″ wand can be operated by any part of the body with a swiping action in any direction. Especially useful for those with poor motor control

    Wobble Switch


Wireless Switches

Wireless switches are cordless buttons designed to control a wide range of devices via infrared transmitters. Wireless switches may be used alone or in conjunction with other switches to provide direct switch access from as far away as 30 feet without interference.

  • ISWITCH BLUETOOTH. A bluetooth pressure switch which enables switch access to iDevices. Available in red, yellow, blue and green.

    iSwitch Bluetooth

  • simplyworks switch set State of the art multi-channel wireless receiver with a range in excess of 10m Extremely low-profile switches Supports up to six transmitters simultaneously 75mm operating area.

    SimplyWorks Switch Set

  • BIG BEAMER TRANSMITTER Reliable, immediate switch access without the hassle of cords

    Big Beamer Transmitter

  • BLUE2 BLUETOOTH SWITCH. most widely used Bluetooth switch interface for tablets, mobile phones, and computers. Blue2 allows you to quickly and easily connect one or two accessibility switches to your device via a Bluetooth connection.

    Blue2 Bluetooth Switch

  • JELLY BEAMER TRANSMITTER Wireless switch that brings reliable, immediate switch access. Multiple Jelly Beamers can be used in the same room at the same time, from as far away as 30-feet, without interference. The 2.5-in/6.4-cm Jelly Beamer also includes an external switch jack, allowing you to use any single switch with compatible wireless receivers.

    Jelly Beamer Transmitter

  • ORIGINAL RECEIVER Control a computer switch interface or single device

    Original Receiver

  • simply works switch Works with any SimplyWorks receiver for computer access, toy and appliance control. Available in four colours (red, yellow, blue, green). 10-metre operating range.Automatic power saving mode – no on/off switch

    SimplyWorks Switch

  • simplyworks receive

    SimplyWorks Receive

  • simplyworks iPad 100% Wireless connectivity for iPad, and iPad mini access. Pairs directly with iPad through Bluetooth 2.1 without PIN number entry. 20 metres (64 feet) operating range. Small footprint (90mm x 64mm x 18mm).

    SimplyWorks for iPad


Switch Mounts

A selection of mounts to easily mount your switch

  • One assistive technology


  • Flex

  • Latitude 360

    Latitude 360