Diversity in PCS: Feelings symbols

“How are you?” is a simple question with a not so simple answer. Your response can vary and change quickly depending on the day, time, mood, and a million other factors. That’s why at Tobii Dynavox, we are continually updating our Picture Communication Symbols (PCS) for Snap Core First. Our customers use these updated symbols to improve communication and to express exactly how they feel.

But we also understand the importance of seeing yourself in the symbols you’re expressing. They’re your feelings and we believe that representation matters which is why we take great pride in continually updating our PCS to represent our diverse and multicultural world.

Here is a list of some of our favorite feelings:

  • Calm (25 versions)
  • Joyful (25 versions)
  • Sleepy (27 versions)
  • Excited (25 versions)
  • Proud (28 versions)

All of the PCS diversity symbols are available in Snap Core First.

Snap Core First diversity Symbols