How to have your own sensory space

Boosting cognition in the elderly through sensory rooms

If you are wondering ‘how can I have my own sensory space’ or ‘how to create a sensory room in an easy way’ you need to read this article. We want to introduce you to Luminea cornera little multisensory space which provides lots of therapeutic opportunities in a plug & play and very easy to use corner.

Small sensory spaces can be really effective for helping development, boosting cognition, stimulating senses and feeling well. In this sense, Luminea corner is a versatile kit is designed for covering the maximum of therapeutic possibilities, educative and leisure, including the lighting sensory elements par excellence with regards to regulation of the senses: the bubble tube and the fiber optics. It allows families and therapists to start with therapeutic intervention and offer an individualized approach in a very personalized way, since each person is unique and experiences senses in a different way.

SHX Proximity Table

The user rules!

This sensory corner is very user-focused, since the user can take over and control the light of the devices by himself/herself. User can change the colors of the tube and the fiber optics with the Luminea App which allows you to play with light thanks to the many activities and sequences included in this unique App. Also, user can modify light by using any switch or just watch and play the automatic mode.

Add elements to your corner

The lighting devices included in this kit belong to our range of Luminea devices, which means that all the elements in this kit can be taken later to a more complete room, since they are all compatible with all our elements and devices and also with our SHX technology, the most immersive sensory environments. When you want to expand your room, you will be able to add as many devices as you want and combine them with the other elements of the room to make them work either individually or in a coordinate way. Add, for example, a vibroacoustic pouf, a water bed, mirrors, a button 6 controller, ball pool  or any other multisensory element to expand possibilities.

Boosting cognition in the elderly through sensory rooms

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All for one and one for all!

This corner is designed for providing benefits and wellness for everyone. It is ideal for having a multi-sensory environment at home, at school, in a librarynursery, or any kind of center which counts with occupational therapy. Since it is optimum for children at their early stages, those on the autism spectrum, people with ADHDcerebral palsyDown syndrome, the elderlyAngelman syndrome, Rett syndrome, as well as for individuals with a variety of developmental challenges in the area of communication, movement and balance, and social skills.

The benefits of a sensory room, or a small sensory corner, are many: it helps with development of cognitionsenses, and motor skills; it boosts social skills, interaction, communication and wellness. It provides relaxation or activation according to every need and regulates stimuli in a safe and controlled way.

Free design project!

You imagine and we create! Ask us for a free design project for a sensory room that adapts to your needs, available space and therapeutic goals. If you want to have a small sensory room, or expand the one you already have, contact us and we will design for you a sensory room project completely free of charge.

  • Luminea Corner

  • LUMINEA BUBBLE TUBE. The Luminea bubble tube stands out in the darkness and captivates the attention of anyone near it with its light and movement. This bubble tube helps create numerous atmospheres using its colours, vibration, sound, reflections, floating objects and interaction.

    Luminea Tube

  • LUMINEA FIBRE OPTICS Ideal for learning cause and effect, recognizing colours and activities that encourage communication. Thanks to LED technology, the fibre optics shine brightly through the strand in a broad range of bright colours.

    Luminea Fiber Optics 2m

  • LUMINEA LAMP Amazing multi-coloured lamp

    Luminea Lamp

  • LUMINEA POOL Suitable for Cerebral palsy Autism spectrum disorder Brain injuries: ictus, traumatic brain injury… Learning disabilities Small children, early intervention

    Luminea Vibroacoustic Pool

  • Luminea 5m Led Line (Ceiling)

  • Luminea Curtain

  • Luminea Planet

  • Luminea Sensory Room Bundles