Luminea App

Control the colours of light as never before

Control our Luminea devices in a multisensory room, such as the bubble tube, fiber optic, ball pit led lights, etc., through this App and engage users in activities adapted for different needs.

You will be able to control light as never before. Luminea App has been designed with a focus on multiple therapeutic and educational purposes.

Create your own Activities

This App, which allows you to control the light devices in a sensory room, consists of two different categories of activities: Pixel and Sequencing. Each category allows you to create your own unlimited activities besides enjoying those that are included by default within the App.


Touch an image and modify the colours in the room…

Within this category you can find images by default or upload your own images.

When touching a specific spot on the tablet’s image, the Luminea device(s) that you have will change its colour.
Use any image from the internet, take a picture with the tablet’s camera or create your own drawing or image and use it as a personalized remote control.