Interact with light as never before

Luminea lighting devices for sensory environments are versatile, scalable, immersive and full of therapeutic opportunities. Devices as the bubble tube, the fibre optics, a ball pool, a planet, etc. offer now limitless possibilities of control and interaction for the user, resulting in a wide range of resources for the intervention.

Take the most out of your room thanks to Luminea devices!

You can control Luminea lighting devices from new and original ways of control, such as the Luminea App, which is as fun as therapeutics. You can also combine the different elements for a common control and move them into a more complete room with the SHX technology since it is totally compatible. Thus, you can start by a single element like the Luminea bubble tube and add elements to make your room more and more complete and boost the therapeutic possibilities.

The Luminea devices

You can start by one device and add other devices little by little to get a multifaceted and more immersive space.

Add to your room a funny ball pool that you can enlighten by pushing one of the four buttons at the sides, or control from any of the controllers mentioned above. You can also add accessories such as mirrors for intervention with an image or make your space bigger; a water bed; or other Luminea lighted devices such as the starry sky; a lighted lamp; a blue planet; a fibre optics fountain or led lights on the walls. You can also choose to have the SHX technology and make your room limitless. All the elements of this kit will be useful later for an SHX room.

Take Control

The Luminea devices allow the user to take control of the light with the controller they prefer so that he does not only look and feel, but also act and experiences the cause-effect in the first person. Control it from the Luminea App, which includes multiple games and activities, and also allows you to create your own customized activities; our 6 button control; a switch; or play the automatic mode.