SHX System

A new way of experiencing the sensory room

The SHX System opens up a new world of possibilities since it allows the user to interact with a sensory room in a unique way by controlling the whole room and all its elements. The SHX System goes a step further in multi-sensory environments by giving the user a real immersive experience.

This system allows you to enjoy the multiple effects in the room and activate them separately or at the same time according to what you want to convey. The room will be filled with light and inspiration thanks to effects, such as pictures, videos, lighting, music, sounds, vibration, bubble tubes, fibre optic, and other surrounding effects. The possibilities of configuration are unlimited!

Create your own customised environments

The SHX software includes a vast array of content which give you some clues on how to use the room or what activities to do. In addition, you can also create your own environments including any music, sounds, pictures, videos, or any content that you wish taken from a USB or from the Internet.

Control the way you want to

Thanks to this one control system all the interactive and multimedia elements in the room can be controlled from a single control: a Tablet or iPad, which serves as a remote control to activate every element in the room and also to create new contents. There are, as well, other ways to activate the elements in the room: dice, carpets, switches, and other SHX controllers or touch panels, for making the activities more pleasant and interactive since every user can modify the space just by throwing a die or pressing a switch.

Therapeutic and educative opportunities

SHX opens up a whole range of therapeutic and educative opportunities allowing educators and therapists to adapt the room to the different users, control their level of interaction and stimulation, generate encouragement more easily, and find new inspiring ways of participation.

Unlimited choice

Move into the jungle, the space, a soccer stadium, or an idyllic beach while you hear the sound of waves, all the ambience becomes blue, you feel the sea breeze, and the vibration of a whale. Live the sensory activities and tales as if you were a part of them.