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TD Pilot - Built for ipad os

Tobii Dynavox CEO Fredrik Ruben Talks About The New TD Pilot

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TD Pilot is an eye-controlled communication device for iPad. Designed to empower people with conditions such as ALS/MND, spinal cord injury or cerebral palsy to communicate and use their favourite apps, this iPadOS-based speech generating device features the world’s leading eye tracker.

Tobii Dynavox launches TD Pilot- Press Release

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Tobii Dynavox, the global leader in assistive technology for communication, today unveiled TD Pilot, a powerful, medically certified communication device for people with disabilities. With the release of iPadOS 15, TD Pilot brings Tobii’s world-leading eye tracking technology to iPad, enabling people to control the device with their eyes. It starts shipping today.
Multi Sensory Room

How to have your own sensory space

If you are wondering ‘how can I have my own sensory space’ or ‘how to create a sensory room in an easy way’ you need to read this article.
Boosting cognition in the elderly through sensory rooms

Boosting cognition for the elderly through sensory rooms

Multisensory rooms are an excellent resource for the elderly, and the SHX System technology allows them to become an even more powerful therapeutic tool. With age, certain abilities begin to deteriorate, particularly if they are not put to use.
Snap Core First Diversiry PCS

Diversity in PCS: “Feelings” symbols

"How are you?" is a simple question with a not so simple answer. Your response can vary and change quickly depending on the day, time, mood, and a million other factors.
Ideas for multisensory stimulation in childhood

5 ideas for multisensory stimulation in childhood

The childhood stage is key to stimulate the senses, promote the development of the child’s sensory abilities, as well as cognitive development and psychomotor development. Children grow and develop exploring, experimenting, and discovering through their senses.
Alexa to control some smart home features

Using Alexa for home environment control

I worked with a lady who wanted to be able to control specific items in her home environment. She had quadriplegia with limited functional movement in her hands. She had enough arm movement to be able to use a stylus strapped...
Snap Core High Contrast Background

Snap Core First, new high contrast backgrounds

Snap Core First is a comprehensive, evidence-based solution that makes communication, literacy and independence possible. A recent update to Snap is the introduction of high contrast backgrounds to help people with visual difficulties...
Ham Sandwich Sessions

Ham Sandwich Sessions

The last year has been an incredibly challenging time for people as we have all had to adapt to a new way of living and going about our daily lives and routines. One of the advantages of working with Safe Care Technologies is seeing and experiencing…
Introducing TD Pilot, an eye-controlled communication device for iPad.
Eye tracking for iPad.
Introducing TD Pilot, an eye-controlled communication device for iPad.
Eye tracking for iPad.