• SHX PROXIMITY. a new way of interaction in a sensory room opening a whole new world of possibilities in an SHX room. The user can interact with the room by using real objects that will transform the room in a thematic environment related to that specific object.

    SHX Proximity

  • SHX SWITCH can be configured to access the scenes in a collection in shuffle mode as well as in sequential or scan mode. This Switch has been created for its use within SHX Sensory Rooms.

    SHX Switch

  • SHX DICE SUITABLE FOR Autism spectrum disorder Brain injuries: ictus, traumatic brain injury… Learning disabilities The Elderly Small children, early intervention

    SHX Die

  • SHX Proximity Table

  • BUTTON 6 This versatile control allows you to interact in a simple way with the elements of a multi-sensory room. It allows you to control the colour and activation of any Luminea device such as a bubble tube, Fibre Optics, ball pool, etc.

    SHX Button 6

  • SHX Mat

  • SHX tablet

    SHX Luminea Tablet