AAC Kit for School

A curated set of symbol-based activities and visual supports.

The AAC Kit for School is a curated, engaging pack of resources to support symbol communicators in educational settings. Designed for those who teach learners with communication challenges in need of a differentiated curriculum, this pack comes with symbol-based tools including a communication book, visual supports and educational activities. Compact and easy-to-use for both teachers and learners alike, the AAC Kit for School empowers students to express themselves in a fun, engaging way, both academically and socially. 


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Ideal for resource rooms in special education schools, assessment centres and speech and language therapy, this tool kit helps educators and therapists foster communication skills, literacy development, and positive behaviour growth.


Immersive experience

The kit contains eight symbol-based activities, designed using national educational standards, and is based on an immersive experience through interaction and participation. The use of Picture Communication Symbols (PCS) boosts learning with the help of visual support. The combination of engaging activities and symbol-supported tools makes the learning experience more memorable.

Engaging activities

The activities are centred around familiar daily situations focusing on family, community, school and routines — brought to life with fun options such as bingo, a quiz and a board game. The activities target common life skills, science, and social studies topics normally taught in both general and special education classrooms. They help learners build knowledge and vocabulary in these topic areas.


Organised storage

Made with durable, waterproof materials, the AAC Kit for School and its contents come in a neatly organised bag with labelled folders for ease of daily use. There’s a table of contents and each page is labelled in the lower right corner for convenient referencing and organisation. All activities are categorised by folder, with each category clearly marked for easier sorting.


The AAC Kit for School is packed with engaging, effective special education resources designed for symbol communicators, including: 

Core First board

Core First Communication Book


Eight symbol-based activities

Activity folder

Activity folders


Activities schedule

Programme manual

Activities program manual

Table of content

Table of contents