Boardmaker 7

Next generation of Boardmaker

Boardmaker 7 takes the best of all previous versions of Boardmaker and rolls those features into one multi-platform, multi-language app designed for modern computers. Boardmaker 7 features a streamlined user interface that puts the tools you need at your fingertips. It includes the latest PCS and is backward compatible with all your old board activities. This new software will allow you create and deliver print or interactive curriculum and communication supports faster than ever.

Now includes two purchasing options:

1. Standard:


2. Subscription:

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What makes Boardmaker 7 the most powerful?


Save time with using ready-made resources and curricula for learners of all ages and ability levels. Enjoy an intuitive interface with the ability to easily edit interactive or print templates.


Create resources quickly and customise to meet specific needs. Select from a diverse choice of PCS – designed to represent all learners – in the world’s largest symbol library. Access to over 45,000 communication symbols covering a variety of topics.


Connect with over 500,000 members of the Boardmaker Community, including educators, parents and SLTs. Access over 90,000 free pre-made materials to share, use and store.


Enjoy the flexibility to access Boardmaker on Windows, Mac and Chromebook laptop and desktop computers. Import and edit your favourite material from older versions of Boardmaker software.

Who can benefit from Boardmaker 7?

boardmaker 7 symbols


Teachers in Primary and Post Primary education can now create, edit, and organise customised visual supports, symbol-based communication and therapy activities with Boardmaker 7. Address the needs of your students in your classroom with the easy-to-use features of Boardmaker 7. With diverse symbols and ability to support 44 languages, Boardmaker 7 will have enough to help you create material to help with the education of each individual student on your caseload.

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As a therapist you can create valuable printed materials, like communication boards, sequences and schedules that are perfect for all your students. Easy-to-use features let you design your own materials, with symbols supported in 44 languages, and choose the topics, symbols, labels, colours borders, languages and more – all designed to help your students reach classroom goals. Take an active role in each student on your caseload and customise material specific to each student to help with their educational goals.

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Create, edit, and print resources in the comfort of your own home with ease from your Windows or Mac PC.
A Boardmaker 7 standard licence gives you the capability to take an active role in your child’s success by providing consistency between home, school and therapy. As a parent, you can now take an active role in your child’s learning. Introduce Symbols around your home or take fun and engaging materials wherever you need to go.