Tobii Dynavox Eye Mobile Plus

For gaze-enabled communication and computer access on the go

The EyeMobile Plus is a purpose-built bracket solution for mobile communication and computer access, that lets you combine eye tracking, speakers, speech recognition, 2 switch ports, battery, and IR for completely hands-free access to Windows Pro tablets. With the EyeMobile Plus, you can navigate your computer, control and access apps, internet, music, e-books, social media, games and more.

EyeMobile Plus incl. Surface Pro

This option includes the EyeMobile Plus bracket, computer access software Windows Control, as well as a Microsoft Surface Pro tablet (128 GB / Intel Core i5 – 4 GB RAM) in a custom-made protective case.

Also available without tablet.


Frequently bought with:

Tobii Dynavox Communicator 5 Gold - UK English (Windows)

Communicator 5 is a comprehensive text and symbol-based AAC solution offering efficient, flexible communication for people with a wide range of language disabilities.

Key features

  • Can be controlled via eye gaze, voice, and switch input
  • Speech recognition
  • Windows Hello camera for signing in
  • Access to thousands of apps
  • Better battery life – up to 4 hours, normal usage. When idle, the device lasts up to 11 hours.

The opportunity to live a more connected life

Move more freely

With the EyeMobile Plus, all elements are fully integrated, which means you don’t have to carry around a bracket charger, external microphone, IR dongle, or speakers, and there is no need to plug in the eye tracker. Everything is already there where you need it, making it extremely convenient to move around freely. Even with all the features integrated, the EyeMobile Plus is a very compact device, designed with the user’s mobility in mind. So you can use it effortlessly on the move, mount it easily, or use the built-in kickstand for tabletop use.

Customise your way

With streamlined Windows Control software, you get a consistent experience with less room for confusion or the risk of getting stuck. All settings and features are gaze-enabled, which gives you the ability to calibrate as well as change dwell time, users, languages, input methodology and much more completely by yourself. The calibration process has been redesigned and further improved to include “pop the dot” calibration. Now you can look away from the screen and then return and continue from where you stopped, without any assistance, giving you full control.

Get full use of the Surface Pro and Windows 10

The EyeMobile Plus bracket and the Microsoft Surface Pro tablet together build a perfect harmonizing team. The bracket lets you unlock the full potential of the powerful Surface tablet, which is a full laptop replacement and runs all processor-heavy software from Windows, Adobe and others. The battery, processing unit, and the eye tracker are built into the bracket, giving you the full battery and processing power of your tablet. With this, you can use Windows 10 with all its benefits and access hundreds of thousands of apps together with the best in class performing tablet/laptop hybrid.

Connect with your environment

The new built-in IR transmitter, combined with Windows Control and Communicator 5 page sets, gives you the ability to access IR devices in your surroundings remotely. Now you can choose your favourite TV program or turn up the volume to your favourite song. With the EyeMobile Plus, you can take control of devices at home or in the office like lights, telephones, TVs, DVD players, and more all with gaze interaction, letting you connect with the environment effortlessly.