New Bluetooth switch enabling switch access to iDevices

The iSwitch is a new Bluetooth switch which enables switch access to iDevices.


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The iSwitch is a very robust, flexible device which allows the integral 75mm switch and up to two additional switches to be connected to iPad, iPhone, Android or any other platform supporting Bluetooth connectivity. It is almost identical in use to APPlicator- the main difference, other than the switch provision, is that iSwitch does not include the QuickMedia feature.

Did you know?

Both APPlicator and iSwitch may be configured so that a switch can give Enter on a brief press and Home following an extended press? This means that just one switch is all that’s necessary to achieve single switch auto-scanning using iOS Switch Control, allowing the user to scan to an app, open it, scan within the app and finally quit the app.

Key to the success of iSwitch and APPlicator is their versatility. Each one of the switches can be independently programmed to be any of the 24 available functions which include everything you may need to achieve switch adapted app access, media access or full navigation using iOS Switch Control.

Timed play functions are provided to give either 10 seconds or 30 seconds of music or video playback and are frequently used as a reward after the user completes an exercise or to encourage reluctant switch users.


  • One built-in 75mm switch and two 3.5mm sockets for additional switches
  • Each switch function independently programmable for maximum versatility
  • Timed play settings-plays music for 10 seconds or 30 seconds
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery via supplied USB lead
  • Very robust
  • 20 metres (64 feet) operating range
  • Integral button allows on-screen keyboard to be deployed or hidden at any time
  • Manual power-off feature

In common with APPlicator, iSwitch now also incorporates the following features:
A manual power-off feature has been added to prevent accidental wake-up when transporting. Lock feature to prevent accidental changes to the settings.


Support Documents & Downloads

Download the iSwitch User Document