Luminea Corner

A sensory space wherever you want

Luminea corner allows you to have a little multisensory space full of therapeutic opportunities in a plug & play and very easy to use corner.


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If you don’t have a multisensory room with SHX technology yet or a big room with many elements and totally immersive, you can start by a little corner which will allow you anyway to create your little interactive world and take advantage of the multiple benefits that these rooms provide.

This versatile kit is designed for covering the maximum of therapeutic possibilities, educative and leisure, including the lighting sensory elements par excellence with regards to regulation of the senses: the bubble tube and the fiber optics

Multiply its possibilities

The lighting devices included in this kit belong to our range of sensory lighting devices called Luminea, which means more control and interaction possibilities for the user and more resources for the intervention.

All the elements of this kit can be taken to a more complex room since they are compatible with all our devices and controllers. It is also compatible with the SHX System, the most immersive technology for sensory environments.