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Luminea System Bundles

The Ultimate Light Technology

Luminea lighting devices for sensory environments are versatile, scalable, immersive and full of therapeutic opportunities. Devices like the bubble tube, fibre optics, a starry sky, etc. offer limitless possibilities of control and interaction for the user, resulting in a wide range of resources for the intervention.

We offer three Luminea sensory room bundles:

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Why choose the Luminea System?






SHX Compatible



At Safe Care Technologies we provide Multi-Sensory solutions to suit every individual’s need. We truly believe in inclusivity and are passionate about enabling people of all abilities to engage, participate and live a better life through the products we offer.


Luminea App

Luminea App has been designed with a focus on multiple therapeutic and educational purposes. It includes multiple activities and games for you to do with your users. Additionally, it also allows you to create your own unlimited activities and games and always customise it according to your therapeutic and educational goals. And, it’s free!

Luminea Devices

What elements can I include in my space?

The Controllers

What do I need to interact with the Luminea?

Select the controller that best suits the user’s needs and allow them to be the protagonist of their space. They select their favourite switch for activating different lighting elements and use them to suit their therapeutic goals.

Luminea Bundles

Engage, participate and live a better life

Luminea Mini Corner

  • Luminea Planet
  • Fibre Optics (2m)
  • Luminea Router
  • Luminea Tablet
  • Luminea App
  • Luminea Activity Book
  • Tactile discs for hands and feet

€2,100.00 +VAT

Luminea Water Corner

  • Bubble Tube
  • Fibre Optics (2m)
  • Luminea Router
  • Luminea Tablet
  • Luminea App
  • Luminea Activity Book
  • Square base for Bubble tube and Fibre Optics (110 cm x 110 cm)

€3,595.00 +VAT

Luminea Comfort Corner

  • LED Lines
  • Luminea Router
  • Luminea Tablet
  • Luminea App
  • Luminea Activity Book
  • VibroAcoustic Cushion
  • Luminea Curtains
  • Luminea Lamp
  • Sensory Massage Kit

€4,550.00 +VAT

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