Snuggle Bag

Snuggle, rock, swing,… feel the comfort and the wellness

This cosy bag embraces and surrounds the user putting them in a foetal position and allowing swinging and rocking.

It provides multiple benefits for the proprioceptive and vestibular areas; and it is optimal for its use at home, hospitals, schools, as well as sensory rooms.

Besides, it helps with emotional regulation affecting very positively to its users and providing them with a great sense of security and calm.

The three sizes related to three different weights make it ideal for every type of user.

Snuggle Bag Small: suitable for people who weigh less than 12 kg.
Snuggle Bag Medium: suitable for people who weigh between 12 and 50 kg.
Snuggle Bag Large: suitable for people who weigh more than 50 kg, (up to 80 kg).

The snuggle bag needs anchor support for hanging it in the ceiling and make the user stay in a foetal position, being embraced by the clothes and allowing swing and rocking. Ask us for the False Ceiling Extension in case you have a suspended or false ceiling.

Swing, rock, put yourself in the foetal position,… this snuggle bag is ideal for proprioception, comfort and wellness.


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