TD Talk

A speech-generating app for TD Pilot

TD Talk is a speech-generating app for literate adults with communication disabilities such as ALS/MND, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy and cerebral palsy. It empowers people to talk using just their eyes or fingers. Choose from a large selection of languages and voices to express yourself as naturally as possible. Engage more actively in conversations with fast, predictive sentence construction, easy in-sentence editing, and the ability to display your typed text to your conversation partner in the rear-facing Partner Window. TD Talk is pre-loaded on TD Pilot, an iPad-based speech-generating device controlled with your eyes. It’s currently unavailable to purchase as a standalone app.


TD Talk empowers people to communicate who they are and what they want to say, in the most fluid way possible.

Talk with your eyes

Generate a voice using TD Talk combined with eye tracking technology. Compose sentences and activate a synthetic voice with just your eyes.

Talk with your hands

Start using TD Talk with your hands on your iPad touchscreen to generate a voice. Transition to a TD Pilot if you need to use it with your eyes.

Converse naturally

Participate naturally in dialogue by displaying your typed text to your conversation partner in the rear-facing Partner Window. Select your language of choice and switch to it seamlessly.

Express yourself quickly

Remain an active part of any conversation with the ability to use predicted text and edit errors within a sentence. Maintain a more natural speaking pace with QuickMessages, pre-programmed common and custom phrases such as ‘I need help’ and ‘wait please, I’m typing’.

Sound like yourself

Express yourself more fluidly thanks to phrase prediction, which learns and adapts to your personal communication style. Choose from a selection of voices to find one you most identify with.

Bank your voice

Preserve the way you sound with voice banking, a tool for creating a custom synthetic voice that mimics your natural one. Simply create or use an existing custom voice from either Acapela (my-own-voice), Model Talker or The Voice Keeper, then import it to TD Talk.