Tobii Dynavox Eye Mobile with PCEYE

Lightweight and affordable gaze-enabled communication and computer access on the go

EyeMobile with PCEye including Surface Pro

This product option includes a PCEye tracker, Tobii Dynavox’s latest-generation computer access software Windows Control, the EyeMobile bracket, as well as a Microsoft Surface Pro tablet, which is certified by Tobii Dynavox and guaranteed to work flawlessly with your EyeMobile solution.

Control the Surface Pro tablet by natural and relaxed movements of your eyes. Access apps, Internet, music, e-books, social media, games and more – completely hands-free.

Also available without the Surface Pro tablet here.


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Key features

  • Can be controlled via eye gaze, voice, and switch input
  • Speech recognition
  • Windows Hello camera for signing in
  • Access to thousands of apps
  • Better battery life – up to 4 hours, normal usage. When idle, the device lasts up to 11 hours.

The opportunity to live a more connected life

Supports switch and touch input

If you can operate a switch, such as a buddy button, you may achieve even faster computer access by combining eye tracking with the use of a switch. Tobii Dynavox computer access software also supports touch and mouse enabled input, allowing caretakers to quickly assist or communicate with you.

Access thousands of apps

Stimulate your mind, express yourself creatively and preserve your identity. Tobii Dynavox computer access software Windows Control lets you access hundreds of thousands of social, professional, entertainment and educational apps like: Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, Pandora, Kindle, Facebook and Twitter as well as the full Microsoft Office suite.

Gaze Interaction on the move

Take EyeMobile with PCEye anywhere thanks to its small, lightweight and mobile-specific design. The integrated table stand lets you quickly set up the device for on-the-fly tabletop use while the versatile mounting plate on the EyeMobile bracket can be mounted on a wheelchair or roll mount for more permanent, mobile use.

The EyeMobile with PCEye is powered entirely by the Windows tablet battery and can be used whenever needed for around-the-clock computer access.

Your preferences and needs in focus

We recommend using the Microsoft Surface Pro tablet, but the EyeMobile with PCEye bracket can also be used with other Windows Pro tablets (see “Specifications” section for system requirements). This gives you the freedom to select a tablet that best suits your needs and budget, and makes it easier to keep up to date with technological developments. Simply replace your tablet while keeping the EyeMobile PCEye bracket and PCEye tracker.