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AAC Device Accessories

New Case for iPad Air


Keyguard Holder for Speech Case

€35.00 €25.00

DURABLE CASE FOR INDI WITH KEYGUARD HOLDER Protective case kit for Indi with keyguard holder

Indi Durable Case for Keyguard Users

€90.00 €45.00

KEYGUARDS FOR INDI WITH SNAP CORE FIRST Attach a Keyguard to your Indi to improve access for individuals with fine motor concerns

Indi Keyguards for TD Snap (all grid sizes)

€95.00 €35.00

TD Indi Durable Case

€115.00 €55.00

Assistive Technology

SMOOTH TALKER Versatile single and sequential message communicator

Pretorian Smooth Talker

€186.00 €145.00

Switch Bundle 75

Pretorian Switch Bundle (75 & SimplyWork Recieve)


Switch Bundle 125

Pretorian Switch Bundle (125 & SimplyWork Recieve)


Switch Adapted Pudgy Pig

Pudgy the Piglet

€65.00 €30.00

Little People School Bus

€65.00 €30.00


Abilia Memo Timer

Memo Timer

€130.00 €105.00