How to set up a trial with Safe Care Technologies

1. The customer contacts Safe Care Technologies to request a trial of a communication device.

2. One of our representatives will direct you to the Trial Request Form that needs to be filled out by a medical professional (Speech and Language, Occupational therapist etc), School or HSE employee. Once the form is complete, you will automatically receive a copy of the form by email.

3. We will then contact the person who completed the form to agree on the loan dates and times.

4. The individual who completed the form will be notified by email, all the agreed details above and advised that loans are delivered and collected by courier to an agreed address.

5. Our devices are sent out on Fridays, to be received on Monday.

6. During the trial, the family, professionals and teachers have access to a 45-minute training session.

7. Links to resources are sent out to parents, teachers and professionals to help achieve the best outcome with the trial.

8. All trials are for two weeks unless exceptional circumstances are agreed upon.

9. Five days before the loan is due to end, one of our representatives will be back in contact with the individual who arranged the loan to organise the collection. We will email a label that needs to be printed for the courier to scan on the day of collection.

10. Our devices are collected on a Monday, to arrive back to our offices on a Tuesday.