TD Snap for Schools

What is TD Snap for Schools?

To foster inclusive education by empowering students with communication difficulties, we are offering free TD Snap classroom licenses to help schools embrace augmentative and alternative communication (AAC). By facilitating the use of TD Snap on classroom whiteboards, we aim to help as many students as possible on their unique communication journey. This also helps teachers become proficient in using TD Snap, practise modelling techniques, and implement communication strategies in a holistic classroom approach.

The Benefits of TD Snap Classroom License

How to Apply

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  • Step 1: Register for a free licence

    Designate one person from your school to fill out and submit the application form. Be sure to provide the necessary details, including the number of licenses required.

  • Step 2: Start the process

    While we are reviewing your application, you will receive an e-mail with a step-by-step guide to creating a mytobidynavox account. Once approved, you will receive a second email with detailed instructions on setting up the software in each classroom.

  • Step 3: Access training resources

    Learn and succeed at your own pace with access to our extensive learning hub to explore instructional materials, videos, and guides to master TD Snap. We will also regularly share links to free webinars designed to help you get the most from the app.

TD Snap Reviews

“For an AAC system to be successful, it needs to be personalised and reflect someone’s interests and personality. TD Snap makes this very easy, as it’s so straightforward to add personalised information to the pre-programmed page sets. My daughter uses TD Snap Motor Plan, which not only gives her a voice but also supports her to access the curriculum, boss her siblings (and parents) around and share her love for Peppa Pig and chocolate biscuits.”
– Polly Walsh, Senior Speech & Language Therapist and Parent
“TD Snap has opened up a world of communication. It has enabled pupils, teachers and parents to communicate in real and meaningful ways. Its resources have provided a pathway to literacy and numeracy learning that is unrivalled. It provides a medium that enables our pupils to reveal their abilities and reach their potential. TD Snap is essential to life at school, at home and out in the wider community. We could not work without it.”
– Dr. Karen Willoughby, School Principal
“As an SLT working with the Autistic community, AAC plays a vital role in my work. I use a wide range of low and high-tech AAC options with my clients and my go-to app is TD Snap. It’s easy to program, simple for parents and teachers to use and quickly adapts to a child’s communication development. I love it for my Gestalt Language Processors (GLPs) as you can easily program gestalts onto it and the kids love that you can program commands for Alexa on it too which helps them play music, jokes and control the environment.”
– Amy Collins, Senior Speech and Language Therapist