What is TD Snap Motor Plan?

TD Snap Motor Plan is an efficient way for learners with complex access needs to develop language. This page set focuses on core words and word-by-word sentence construction. Each word appears only once with a distinct path, or motor plan, to find it. Over time, the communicator will automatically locate words, allowing them to focus more on what they want to say.

Motor Plan


Communicators access words in three navigations or less in TD Snap Motor Plan. It comes in two grid sizes, Motor Plan 30 and 66. Both layouts have the same robust vocabulary, carefully selected to support early language learners and advanced communicators alike.

Motor Plan 30

The 30-position page set is designed with accessibility in mind. Buttons are sized for learners who need larger targets. Efficient navigation makes this page set ideal for complex access needs.

Motor Plan 30

Motor Plan 66

The 66-position page set is designed for learners who can manage smaller buttons. This means less navigation and more space for customisation.

Key Features

Both the 30 and 66 position layouts in TD Snap Motor Plan are optimised with the following key features:

Find words faster

Words are intuitively grouped and organised to be found in three navigations or less. That means less time looking for words and more energy spent deciding what to say and growing language skills.

Find words faster

Customise words

Space is built-in to every page to allow personalisation, empowering learners to express themselves on their own terms.

Grow vocabulary

Focus on specific words during a therapy session or grow vocabulary over time with the Vocabulary Filter tool, which allows control over available words on the page.


In addition to a powerful set of included tools, TD Snap Motor Plan contains the following resources:

Boardmaker 7

A powerful tool for creating special education materials, with access to the same PCS library as in Core First.

Boardmaker 7