What is TD Snap Text?

TD Snap Text is designed for people who can read and spell without symbol support or who may be transitioning from symbol supports to literacy. Phrases are organised by topics, and keyboards offer word prediction.


Key Features

The TD Snap Text Page Set contains features that enable those who use text to communicate. New features are continuously added by popular request, such as:

Text only

Focus exclusively on text labels for literate individuals who do not need symbols or those who are transitioning to text-only communication.

Phrases by topic

Communicate more efficiently with phrases organized by topic. Access commonly used pre-stored messages and save new messages for future use in pre-made categories.

Grow vocabulary

Focus on specific words during a therapy session or grow vocabulary over time with the Vocabulary Filter tool, which allows control over available words on the page.


In addition to a powerful set of included tools, TD Snap Motor Plan contains the following resources:

> TD Snap Text Training Cards

> TD Snap User’s Manual