Tobii Dynavox releases diversity settings for TD Snap

Tobii Dynavox introduces new diversity settings in the TD Snap 1.21 update, to allow enhanced customization of symbols. It is now possible for users to personalize skin tone, hair color and more on the symbols used, to create a more accurate representation of personalities and ethnicities. It is a key step to give people with disabilities the ability to accurately represent themselves and others as unique individuals when communicating.

TD Snap is the most widely used Tobii Dynavox software with users all over the world. New languages are continuously added for TD Snap to make it available for more people with disabilities. After the addition of Arabic and Hebrew earlier this year, it is now available in approximately 20 language versions.

TD Snap is a symbol-based communication software offering people with communication disabilities, their families and professionals a choice of AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communications) solutions. It comes with a set of powerful tools and resources to empower people with speech and language disabilities to communicate. It is based on Tobii Dynavox’s world-leading PCS (Picture Communication Symbols) with 50 000+ symbols, that are designed to represent words and short phrases to support adults and children using communication aids.

TD Snap Diversity